Quality System

The agricultural production systems have undergone changes as a result of advances promoted by technological development and new consumer demands for healthy fruit produced in a context of strong social and ecological commitment.

There are currently three production systems: conventional, organic and integrated, with defined characteristics in function of the product value, specific market niches and compliance with commercialization regulations of domestic and international markets.

ITACITRUS is a company always at the forefront and in constant pursuit of better ways to assure the quality of its products. It was the first company in Brazil to obtain the GLOBALGAP certificate (previously known as EUREPGAP) in group in the year 2004.

Although in Brazil, the Ministry of Agriculture, Cattle Raising and Supply (MAPA) holds the PIF quality system (Integrated Fruit Production), ITACITRUS chose to implant GLOBALCAP due to the fact that the Brazilian model has been created under the same model of GLOBALGAP and also that GLOBALGAP is an organization with greater visibility in several countries.

In 2007, ITACITRUS achieved the TESCO Nurture certificate and became the first exporting company in Brazil to achieve such certification. Thus, ITACITRUS has become a reliable fruit producer, showing its consumers and partners the company’s concern to produce quality fruit.