The medicinal properties of the Tahiti lime

No fruit has medicinal value as the Tahiti lime, whose daily and regular consumption is prophylactic and a true long-life elixir.

With indications and application to treatment of several diseases, with the possibility of numerous internal and external application methods, the Tahiti lime is not always valued by contemporary professionals.

Usually known through popular wisdom, following traditions from our grandmothers, the Tahiti lime awaits, peacefully and quietly, the opinion by a more enlightened humanity, disattached from the easy ways of technology.

Modern humans, with their stressful and sedentary lives, extremely intoxicated, suffer from organic and functional illnesses which are typical of our century. In order to avoid or prevent the organism to become sick, the blood needs to be alkalinized with alkaline salts (abundantly found in the Tahiti lime) and eject remains or residues of its metabolism.

When this fails to happen, these toxic and acid residues remain in the organism, causing several pathological conditions.

Acids found in lime are easily transformed into alkalinizing elements and their bases, yeasts, vitamins, fibers and monoterpenes vigorously contribute to eliminate these residues.