The traceability process allows the fruit to be traced from the production unit to the final consumer and, thus, eventually, identify a problem and solve it immediately.

After a series of training programs on how the quality process works, the accredited producer and fruit supplier to Itacitrus, make daily notes on how the fruit is being produced, such as agrotoxic products used, application dates, soil management information, etc.

To make sure this process is not neglected, ITACITRUS counts on a team of agricultural engineers and technicians who visit producing units every fifteen days and inspect all production and check whether good agricultural practices are being observed in agreement with international standards.

Itacitrus, in turn, in addition to gathering information from the producing units, registers such information on fruit processing, such as washing, waxing, product application, packaging, etc.

All this information is stored, following the standards set forth by the quality standards and is made available to the quality department.

Thus, should any problem occur with any fruit, it is possible to quickly obtain information from its origin to its destination and take measures so that such problems do not reoccur in production.