Production and Commercialization

The Tahiti lime is the “lemon” with the highest commercial price in Brazil, with excellent export potential. Its market value is related to the absence of seeds, its intense and pleasant aroma, high juice volume and capacity to produce all year long, despite being more productive from December through June.

The world’s leading Tahiti Lime producers are Mexico and Brazil, and every year Brazil is rising as a growing power in high-quality fruit production, also supplying the domestic market with export type fruits, whether fresh or in high value byproducts.

The area with largest concentration of Tahiti Lime is in the Southeastern region of the State of São Paulo, representing 80% of the total produced throughout the country in 2003. Other states such as Bahia and Piauí have been rising as important potential citrus producers, as a result of more suitable climate possibilities to high-quality fruit production, thus with high market value and fast and simple logistics to export products from ports closer to countries in the North hemisphere.

The Brazilian average productivity of Tahiti Lime orchards is of approximately 20t/ha, although properties adopting suitable production strategies, such as nutritional management, irrigation, phytosanitary treatment and harvest procedures, have reached levels above 40t/ha.

Brazilian exports of natural Tahiti Lime have increased significantly in the past decades, from 0,9 thousand t in 1971 to around 34 thousand t in 2003.