A successful history!

Itacitrus is currently Brazil’s largest Tahiti Lime exporter and this is a result of hard work and the continuous search for better quality of its products. Learn a little more about our history


Mr. Vicente Promicia, who had a small lime production in the town of Itajobi, State of São Paulo, Brazil, decided to set up a harvest and packing service for his fruits and the neighboring producers, and this is how ITACITRUS came to be. In the following years, all the fruit was handled and forwarded to the wholesale center in São Paulo, CEAGESP. Little by little and thanks to the work method adopted by Mr. Vicente Promicia of providing services to his clients all year round with no interruption, Itacitrus achieved the trust of a large chain of supermarkets - Pão de Açúcar – which has been one of the company’s client to this date. Growth was fast with this methodology.


Exporting companies became Itacitrus clients, purchasing products duly packed and exporting them under their brands to Europe. With these clients, the company gained reputation in fruit preparation for export.


Mr. Waldyr Promicia who, until then, had not actively participated in the family company, was invited to develop export activities in the company and launch the Itacitrus brand in the European market. Having accepted the challenge, which seemed to be one more stage in the company’s natural development, Mr. Waldyr Promicia became the company’s main thrust as a result of the great opportunities found in this new market. To manage these opportunities, the executive board decided to appoint Mr. Waldyr Promicia as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.


Beginning of exports to two German importers.


Beginning of introduction of GLOBALGAP in the company together with 65 small producers.

The acquisition of a 2.400 ha farm in the State of Bahia (municipalities of Inhambupe and Satiro Dias) for own lime production, at 150 km Northwest of Salvador.

Beginning of an incentive program for small producers neighboring the farm (12.000 seedlings were distributed complimentarily), helping with technology and guaranteeing the purchase of the production.

Implantation of 215 hectares of irrigated lime on the far (currently in production).


Conclusion of the GLOBALGAP certification. Itacitrus becomes the first company in Brazil to hold a quality and traceability certificate. This certificate has allowed us to differentiate in the market, conquering the respect of our clients.

Beginning of introduction of the TNC (Tesco Natural Choice) presently known as Tesco Nurture to the Tesco supermarket chain in England.

Implantation of more 280 hectares of lime on the farm. Beginning of the 2007 season.

Implantation of 50 hectares of the Formosa papaya (in production).


Conclusion of the Tesco Nurture Certificate. Once again Itacitrus is at the forefront, as the first export company to achieve this certificate.